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Reports and Research Papers

Available on this webpage are demographic research and analyses, current population estimates and future projections of population and school enrollment, and census data.


Population estimates of the State, counties and cities are available here. Information on housing units, vacancies, average household size, components of population change, and special populations are also available. This data are used in determining the annual appropriations limit for all California jurisdictions, to distribute State subventions to cities and counties, to comply with various State codes, and for research and planning purposes by federal, state and local agencies, the academic community and the private sector.

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January 2015 City and County Population and Housing Estimates

July 2014 County Population Estimates

Historical County and City Estimates


Forecasts of population, births and public school enrollment are available here. Population projections are made for the State and the counties for 50 years into the future with age, sex, and race/ethnic detail. Calendar-year births are projected 10 years into the future at the State level for six age groups and seven race/ethnic groups, with the State projections distributed across the counties. The enrollment forecasts have a 10-year outlook and are available at the county level for kindergarten through high school graduates. Post-secondary education enrollment is available on a statewide basis. As direct inputs to the State budget, the Unit biannually provides short-term statewide population and kindergarten through 12th grade Average Daily Attendance projections. Demographers within the Unit are also available for consultation with other government agencies and the private sector.

Census and Surveys

Selected data reports from the 1990 and 2000 censuses. Special reports and annual detailed socioeconomic profiles of California from the Current Population Survey (CPS) are also included.

Immigration and Migration

Three demographic variables describe the reasons for population change. Change occurs because of fertility (births), mortality (deaths), or migration (the movement of people). Immigration, sometimes called international immigration, describes movements between countries while internal or domestic migration describes movements within the same country or state.

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