Welcome to the State of California Department of Finance

Statewide Responsibilities

The California Department of Finance has the following statewide responsibilities:

  • Budgeting: General information about the Budget and resources for departmental budget officers.
  • Accounting: The Fiscal Systems & Consulting Unit (FSCU) and the California State Accounting and Reporting System (CALSTARS).
  • Audits and Evaluations: The Office of State Audits and Evaluations (OSAE).
  • Research: Demographic, Economic, and Financial Research.
  • IT Policy: The Information Technology Consulting Unit (ITCU) operates under Finance's general powers of supervision over all matters concerning the financial and business policies of the State.
  • Legislative Analyses: Analyses of proposed legislation.
  • Boards and Committees: Boards and committees for which the Department of Finance provides staffing support.
  • FI$Cal Resources: Instructions and reference materials for State departments.