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Finding of Completion

Pursuant to Health and Safety Code (HSC) Section 34179.7, the Department of Finance will issue a finding of completion to the successor agency, within five business days, once the following conditions have been met and verified:

  • The successor agency has paid the full amount as determined during the due diligence reviews and the county auditor-controller has reported those payments to the Department of Finance. And
  • The successor agency has paid the full amount as determined during the July True-Up process. Or
  • The successor agency has paid the full amount upon a final judicial determination of the amounts due and confirmation that those amounts have been paid by the county auditor-controller.

If you think you have met the requirements listed above, please fill out and submit the form below to Redevelopment_Administration@dof.ca.gov.

Upon receiving the finding of completion, the Successor Agency will be allowed to do the following:

  • Retain dissolved RDA assets per HSC Section 34191.5 (c) (2)
  • Place loan agreements between the former redevelopment agency and sponsoring entity on the ROPS, as an enforceable obligation, provided the oversight board makes a finding that the loan was for legitimate redevelopment purposes per HSC Section 34191.4 (b) (1)
  • Utilize proceeds derived from bonds issued prior to Jan. 1, 2011 in a manner consistent with the original bond covenants per HSC Section 34191.4 (c)

Additionally, upon receiving the finding of completion the successor agency is required to submit a Long-Range Property Management Plan to the Department of Finance for Review and Approval per HSC Section 34191.4 (b)

Please see www.dof.ca.gov/redevelopment/long_range_property_management_plan for additional information on the requirements of the Long-Range Property Management Plan.  

Webpage last updated February 14, 2013