California Statistical Abstract

Released December 2002


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Table of Contents

A. Area, Geography, and Climate
Land area—Government property—National and State parks—Elevations—Climatological data

B. Population
Population of the State—Population for counties and cities

C. Labor Force and Employment
Civilian labor force and employment—Wage and salary employment—Covered employment—Hours and earnings—Work injuries—Workmen’s compensation—Employment service placements—Manpower training

D. Gross State Product, Income, and Cost-of-Living
Gross state product—Personal income—Personal tax returns—Bank and corporation income—Consumer price indices—Consumer expenditures—Median family and household income—Poverty guidelines—Minimum wage

E. Health and Welfare
Vital statistics—Public health facilities—Rehabilitation—Mentally ill and retarded—Adoptions—Public assistance expenditures—Disability insurance activities—Unemployment insurance activities

F. Education
Enrollments—School personnel—Expense of education—Average daily attendance—Graduates—Private schools—Libraries

G. Resource Industries
Water conditions—Dams and reservoirs—State water project—Cash receipts—Leading commodities—Farms—Agriculture—Crop production—Lumber production—Forestry—Fishing—Mineral production—Natural gas

H. Manufacturing
Employment—Payroll—Value added—Capital expenditures—Prime contract awards

I. Construction
Building permits—Valuation—Housing characteristics—Existing home sale prices

J. Transportation and Public Utilities
Highway mileage—Fuel distribution—Registration—Drivers' licenses— Accidents—Average monthly utility bills—Electrical energy production

K. Trade and Services
Wholesale trade—Retail trade—Taxable sales—Services—Foreign trade— Airborne trade

L. Banking and Finance
Bank deposits and loans—Savings and loan association assets and loans
Credit union memberships—Finance companies

M. Public Finance

N. Law Enforcement
Prison population—Youth authority wards

O. Elections

P. Comparative Fiscal and Economic Data for the States
Public finance—Gross state product—Personal income—Employment—Homeownership rates—Other  comparisons

Q. 1997 Economic Census

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