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Public Finance

Data relating to the financial operation of governmental agencies in California are summarized in this section. The information includes federal government revenues and expenditures from and to California as well as revenues and expenditures of state and local governments. Selected data on property taxes in the state are also included.

The sources are the US Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census; California State Controller; California Department of Education; California Community Colleges; California Board of Equalization; California Franchise Tax Board; and California Department of Finance.

Each table is available in Microsoft EXCEL format.


Table M-1 — Federal Revenues and Expenditures to California, Total

Table M-2 — Federal Expenditures to California, by Type

Table M-3 — Federal Expenditures to California, Salaries and Wages 

Table M-4 — Federal Grants to California State and Local Governments

Table M-5 — Federal Direct Payments to California Individuals

Table M-6 — Federal Loan and Insurance Programs: Volume of Assistance Provided to California

Table M-7 — Federal Expenditures to California and Counties

Table M-8 — Federal Internal Revenue Collections in California

Table M-9 — General Obligation Bonds Outstanding, State of California

Table M-10 — Revenues by Source, State of California

Table M-11 — Expenditures by Character and Function, State of California

Table M-12 — Revenues and Expenditures by Character, State of California

Table M-13 — Tax Collection, State of California

Table M-14 — Financial Transactions Concerning Counties, Cities, Schools, Special Districts, and Redevelopment Agencies, California and Counties

Table M-15 — Financial Transactions Concerning Counties, California

Table M-16 — Financial Transactions Concerning Cities, by California Counties

Table M-17 — Financial Transactions Concerning School Districts, by California Counties

Table M-18 — Financial Transactions Concerning Special Districts, by California Counties

Table M-19 — Financial Transactions Concerning Redevelopment Agencies, by California Counties

Table M-20 — Financial Transactions Concerning Community College Districts, California

Table M-21 — Assessed Value of State- and County-Assessed Tangible Property Subject to Local Taxation by Class of Property, California

Table M-22 — Assessed Value of Tangible Property Subject to Local Taxation, Tax Allocations and Levies and Average Tax Rate, California

Table M-23 — Property Tax Dollar by Governing Body, California

Table M-24 — Senior Citizens and Disabled Homeowner/Renter Property Tax Assistance, California

Table M-25 — Senior Citizens and Disabled Homeowner/Renter Property Tax Assistance, California and Counties

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