Section J

Transportation and Public Utilities

This section presents selected transportation statistics and data summarizing the operations of public utilities.

The statistical data relating to highway transportation provide information on mileage, fuel distribution, construction and maintenance mileage, vehicle registrations, licensed drivers, and accidents.

Additional travel related information may be obtained from "Travel and Related Factors in California", published annually by the Department of Transportation, Office of Traffic Improvement.

In addition, this section contains California’s electrical energy generation and representative utility bills for selected cities.

Each table is available in Microsoft EXCEL format.


Table J-1 — Mileage of Maintained Public Roads by Jurisdiction, California and Counties

Table J-2 — Highway Mileage by Average Daily Traffic Volume and Road Surface Type, California

Table J-3 — Distribution of Fee-Paid Registrations by Type and Year First Registered, California

Table J-4 — Estimated Fee-Paid Vehicle Registrations, California and Counties

Table J-5 — Registration of Motor Vehicles and Trailers Which Paid Fees, by Type of Vehicle, California

Table J-6 — Fuel Distributions: Taxable Gallons Distributed, California

Table J-7 — Motor Vehicle Licensed Drivers and Drivers Involved in Accidents by Age Group, California

Table J-8 — Number of Motor Vehicle Traffic Collisions and Persons Killed and Injured, California

Table J-9 — Motor Vehicle Collision Victims by Age and Sex, California

Table J-10 — Motor Vehicle Collisions and Victims by Location of Collision, California

Table J-11 — Electrical Energy Generation: Total Production by Resource Type, California

Table J-12 — Sample Electric and Gas Bills, Select California Cities

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