Section E

Health and Welfare

Compiled under this broad heading are tables relating to vital statistics, mental health, rehabilitation, and social insurance. Major data sources include: Department of Health Services; Department of Corrections; Department of Social Services; and Employment Development Department.

Each table is available in Microsoft EXCEL format.


Table E-1 — Vital Statistics, California

Table E-2 — Deaths by Sex and Age, California

Table E-3 — Ten Leading Causes of Death, California

Table E-4 — Cases and Deaths, Selected Notifiable Diseases, California

Table E-5 — State Licensed Facilities: Number and Bed Capacity, California

Table E-6 — State Hospitals for the Mentally Disabled: Admissions, Inpatient Population, Deaths and Direct Discharges, California

Table E-7 — State Hospitals for the Mentally Disabled: Inpatient Population and Admissions, California 

Table E-8 — Local Mental Health Programs: Unduplicated Clients Served and Number of Admissions, California

Table E-9 — Characteristics of Rehabilitated Clients, California

Table E-10 — Number of Rehabilitated Clients by Major Disabling Conditions, California

Table E-11 — Movement of Civil Narcotic Addict Population in Outpatient Status from California Rehabilitation Center Programs

Table E-12 — Summary of Economic and Demographic Characteristics of Rehabilitated Clients by Disability Groups, California

Table E-13 — Children Placed for Adoption in California

Table E-14 — Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF), California

Table E-15 — Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF), Foster Care, California

Table E-16 — Supplemental Security Income/State Supplemental Program (SSI/SSP), California

Table E-17 — General Relief: Average Recipients and Expenditures, California

Table E-18 — Food Stamp Program, California

Table E-19 — Medi-Cal Program, California

Table E-20 — Disability Insurance: Fiscal Transactions and Activities, California

Table E-21 — Federal Unemployment Compensation, California

Table E-22 — Unemployment Insurance Activities, California and Selected Labor Market Areas

Table E-23 — Reporting Units, Employees, and Wages Covered Under the Unemployment Insurance Provisions of the Unemployment Insurance Code and Unemployment Insurance Fiscal Transactions, California

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