The publications and documents which comprise the Governorís Budget are basically determined by the Governor and the Director of Finance. Although there are certain constitutional and statutory provisions regarding the requirements for the Governorís Budget, there is sufficient flexibility for an Administration to change the format, style, content and volume structure and still meet the legal requirements.

The Constitution requires the Governor to submit a budget to the Legislature by January 10 which includes an explanatory message and provides a budget for the ensuing year with itemized expenditures and revenues. If proposed expenditures exceed estimated revenues, the Governor must recommend the sources for the additional revenues.

Government Code sections require that the Budget include a three-year presentation (past, current, and ensuing years), a uniform coding structure, and a program budget format. Section 13337 states "The Governorís Budget shall be prepared in accordance with guidelines and instructions adopted by the Department of Finance."

Historically, the Department of Finance has prepared the following volumes to comprise the Governorís Budget package:

The Governorís Budget, Budget Summary, and Salaries and Wages Supplement are available at the DOF Home Page, California Budget,

These volumes and the budget development process are described in the write-up Budget Process, Explanation of the. In addition to the above volumes, press packet information containing highlight charts and write-ups may be distributed at the press conference. Shortly after the release of the budget, the Department of Finance traditionally provides the Legislature with the following materials:

The departmental displays in the Governorís Budget generally include the following:

Please refer to presentations in that volume for examples of these displays.

The budget format has remained relatively stable for a number of years. Any format change instructions are generally issued by the Department of Finance through Budget Letters.

(May 2011)