Budget Development and Enactment


April, mid-month

DOF issues technical budget instructions

July, mid

DOF issues budget policy letter

August, early to mid

DOF issues annual price letter and the Department of General Services issues the Price Book

September to early October

Departments submit baseline budgets to DOF

September, 2nd week

Departments submit Budget Change Proposals to DOF

September, mid-October

DOF budget staff hold budget discussions and meetings with departments


DOF Program Budget Managers hold budget hearings with departments, as needed

November, early to mid

Director of Finance holds budget hearings with departments, as needed

December, 2nd week

Director briefs Governor on updated General Fund revenues and expenditures, and preliminary status of budget for current and budget years

December, mid

Governor holds budget meetings and makes decisions

December, mid to late

DOF finalizes Governor’s Budget, Governor’s Budget Summary, Governor’s Budget Highlights and Budget Bill

January 10

Governor’s Budget and Budget Bill submitted to the Legislature

February 1

DOF provides to the Legislature Budget Trailer Bills

February, early

Departments submit non-May Revision Finance Letter requests to DOF

February, third week

Legislative Analyst Office releases the Analysis of the Budget Bill and Perspectives and Issues

February, late, to mid-March

DOF budget staff discuss Finance Letter requests and meet with departments

February to late-May

Legislative Budget Subcommittees hold budget hearings


DOF holds Finance Letter Hearings with departments, as needed

April 1

DOF submits non-May Revision and non-Capital Outlay Finance Letters


DOF budget staff analyze May Revision requests and meet with departments

April, late, to early May

DOF Program Budget Managers, Director of Finance and Governor, hold May Revision hearings/meetings with departments, as needed


DOF submits Capital Outlay Finance Letters

May 14

DOF submits May Revision update of General Fund revenues and expenditures

May, late, early June

Budget Subcommittees report; Budget Bills sent to the Floors

June, early to mid

Budget Conference Committee meets; Budget Bills sent to Floors

June 15

Constitutional deadline for Legislature to pass Budget Bill

June, mid to late

Governor decides Budget Bill vetoes and signs Budget Act & Trailer Bills

July 1

State’s fiscal year begins


I:\wp\Misc\Simplified General Budget Timetable.doc (November 12, 1998) (BOS/PBMS/APBM)