January, early

Departments submit approved (updated) BCPs and final Supplementary Schedules (Operating Expenses and Equipment, Equipment, Federal Funds and Reimbursements) to the Department of Finance [DOF]).

January 10

Governor (and DOF) submits Governorís Budget and Budget Bill to the Legislature by this date.

Soon after the release of the Governorís Budget

Legislative Analyst Office (LAO) releases the Analysis of the Budget Bill and Perspectives and Issues.

After the release of the LAO Analysis of the Budget Bill

DOF prepares responses (rebuttals) to LAOís Analysis, if necessary.


January - May

DOF initiates the Unanticipated Costs Bill based on most updated unanticipated costs drill.

February 1

DOF provides to the Legislature all proposed statutory changes (Budget Trailer Bills), as prepared by the Legislative Counsel, that are necessary to implement the Governorís Budget.

February, mid

Departments submit Spring Finance Letter requests to the Department of Finance (DOF).

February, late, to early-March

DOF releases Salaries and Wages Supplement (Sch. 7A).

February, late, to mid-March

DOF budget staff discuss Finance Letter requests and meet with departments.

February to mid-May

Legislative budget subcommittee staff  hold budget pre-hearings with LAO, DOF and departments.

February to late-May

Legislative Budget Subcommittees hold budget hearings.


DOF Program Budget Managers and Director of Finance hold Finance Letter Hearings with departments, as needed.

April 1

DOF submits non-May Revision and non-Capital Outlay Finance Letters (April 1 Finance Letters) to the Legislature.


DOF budget staff analyze May Revision requests and meet with departments.



DOF Program Budget Managers, Director of Finance and Governor, hold May Revision hearings/meetings with departments, as needed.

April, mid-month

DOF issues technical budget instructions for the fiscal year following the upcoming one.

May 1

DOF submits Capital Outlay (May 1) Finance Letters to the Legislature.

May 14

DOF issues May Revision update of General Fund revenues and expenditures, including Finance Letters.

May, mid to late

Unanticipated Costs Bill update to the Legislature.

May, late

Budget Subcommittees report to Full Budget Committees; Budget Bills sent to the Floors.

June, early to mid

Budget Conference Committee meets; Budget Bills sent to Floors.

June 15

Constitutional deadline for Legislature to pass Budget Bill.

June, mid to late

DOF updates Unanticipated Costs Bill; Fiscal Committees hear and Legislature passes Unanticipated Costs Bill; Governor signs Unanticipated Costs Bill.

June, mid to late (assuming the Budget is passed on time)

Governor decides Budget Bill vetoes.

June, late (assuming the Budget is enacted on time)


Budget Act and Budget Trailer Bills are printed.

July 1

Stateís fiscal year begins.

July, mid

DOF issues budget policy letter.

July, mid to late



SCO issues Schedule 8 Tabulation, supplemental tabulations for Schedule 8 and Schedule 7A, Abolished Vacant Position Report and the Blanket Position Expenditure Report to departments.


July, end of


Departments submit to the State Controllerís Office (SCO) and State Treasurerís Office (STO) year-end financial statements for the General Fund, feeder funds and a few other funds.

July to mid-August (assuming the Budget is enacted on time)

LAO issues the Supplemental Report (Language) for the Budget Act.


Current Service Level is rolled over and available to departments.

August, early

DOF transmits Sch. 7A spreadsheet to departments.

August, 3rd week

Departments submit year-end financial statements for all other funds (those not due by the end of July).

August, late

Departments submit incremental past year information to DOF.

August, late, to early September

Departments submit Budget Bill Section 3.60 worksheets to DOF.

August to mid-September,

DOF issues annual price letter and the Department of General Services issues the Price Book


August to September

DOF releases Final Budget Summary and Final Change Book.

September to early October

Departments submit current year, budget year, and out-year information to DOF.

September to late October

Departments submit completed 7As and Sch. 8s to DOF.

September, early to mid

Departments submit Budget Change Proposals (BCP), including Budget Bill Language changes, to DOF.

September, mid-October

DOF budget staff hold budget discussions and meetings with departments.



DOF Program Budget Managers hold budget hearings with departments, as needed.

October, mid

DOF issues assessments for General Administrative Charges (Pro Rata) to Special Fund departments, and the Statewide Cost Allocation Plan (SWCAP) to departments with federal funds.

Late October to

early November


Departments submit Enrollment, Caseload and Population (ECP) data.

November, early to mid

Director of Finance holds budget decision meetings/appeals with departments, Agency and Governor's Office staff, as needed.

November, early to 3rd week

Departments start flowing updated BCPs and supporting documents, and updated budget information that have decisions and no open issues.

December, Early

DOF briefs Governor on updated General Fund revenues and expenditures, and preliminary status of budget for current and budget years.

December, early to mid

Governor holds budget meetings and makes decisions.

December, mid to 3rd week

Departments submit updated BCPs and supporting documents, and updated budget information to reflect Governorís decisions.

December, late to early January

DOF finalizes Governorís Budget, Governorís Budget Summary, and Budget Bill.

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