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California Budget Information

Through a year-long process, the Department of Finance prepares, enacts, and administers California's annual financial plan, the California Budget. The Constitution requires the Governor to submit the Governor's Budget to the Legislature by January 10, including an explanatory message (the "Summary") and itemized expenditures and revenues. Government Code sections require that the Budget provide a three-year presentation (past, current, and budget years), a uniform coding structure, and a program budget format. The Budget undergoes a revision in May, and is usually enacted one to three months following this revision.

The most current California Budget summary and detail information is available on the California Budget Website (www.ebudget.ca.gov). Archives of Budget-related documents are available in the Historical Documents section of this site.

Resources for Government Agencies

Following are critical resources that enable Finance and other state departments to successfully complete the Budget preparation process:

Budget Letters

Budget policies and instructions are issued periodically, as needed, by the Department of Finance as Budget Letters, to supplement and revise the Budgeting Chapter (6000) of the State Administrative Manual (SAM).

Budget Change Proposals (BCPs)

A BCP is a proposal to change the level of service or funding sources for activities authorized by the Legislature, or to propose new program activities not currently authorized. For information on preparing effective BCPs, see the Budget Analyst Guide.

Budget Forms

Budget-related forms can be accessed on the Finance Budget Forms page.

Budget Analyst Guide (BAG)

The BAG provides vital information and resources for budget analysts, including descriptions, instructions, and examples of the various processes, procedures, and documents involved in the preparation, enactment, and administration of the California Budget. From the BAG:

More Budgeting Resources