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California Budget Historical Documents, 2013-14

The Budget for the current Budget Year (July 1 – June 30) is also available on the California Budget Website (www.ebudget.ca.gov). For Budget-related information and resources for state agencies and budget analysts, see the Budgeting section of this site. For Summary Schedules and historical charts, see the reference documents webpage.

Budget-related documents for the 2013-14 Budget Year are available here:

Enacted Budget

Release Date Document
September Final Budget Summary (www.documents.dgs.ca,gov, pdf, <5 MB)
September Final Change Book (www.documents.dgs.ca,gov, pdf, <5 MB)
June Summary/Veto Message Package (.pdf)

Governor's Budget

Release Date Document
May 17 2011 Realignment Estimate at May Revision
May 14 May Revision
May 14 May Revision Finance Letters
May 1 May 1 Finance Letters
April April 1 Finance Letters
February 28 Salaries and Wages
January 10 Governor's Proposed Budget
January 10 2013-14 Governor's Budget Summary—01/10/13