Welcome to the State of California Department of Finance

Proposition 1B Disbursements Local Streets and Roads

2007-08 Appropriation

Dear City or County Official:

We are pleased to announce our new online application and annual reporting process for receiving your city or county share of the $950 million in Prop 1B funding for local road maintenance.

In order to receive your city or county’s share of these funds, your city council or county board of supervisors must still approve a plan for use of its share of the amount of funds available in 2007-08 as calculated by the SCO.  The lists from the SCO indicating each county and city share are reflected below.  Your plan must now be completed and submitted online at the following website.  To begin your plan, please click on the link below. 

An instructional letter has been provided below explaining the new process.  Instructions are also available on the website.

Finance will notify the State Controller's Office regarding which entities have submitted completed plans, and the State Controller's Office will distribute funds on a monthly basis.

New Online Application Process

General Information

Old Excel-Based Application Process