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Proposition 1B Disbursements Local Streets and Roads

Proposition 1B (Prop 1B) provided $19.925 billion in bond funds for a variety of transportation priorities, including $2 billion for cities and counties to fund the maintenance and improvement of local transportation facilities. 

*** The reporting deadline has been extended until December 1, 2014.  We apologize for any inconvenience due to technical difficulties. ***

  • The 2007 Budget Act and Chapter 181, Statutes of 2007 (SB 88), appropriated a total of $950 million of these Prop 1B funds in 2007-08.  Of this amount, Chapter 314, Statutes of 2007 (AB 196), specified that $550 million be allocated to cities and $450 million be allocated to counties. 
  • Chapter 39, Statutes of 2008 (AB 1252), appropriated an additional $87 million in these Proposition 1B funds specifically to counties.  These funds are referred to as the 2008 Supplemental Appropriation for Counties.
  • The 2008 Budget Act appropriated a total of $250 million, including $63 million available to counties and $187 million available to cities on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • The 2009 Budget Act appropriates a total of $700 million, including $258,205,000 for cities and $441,795,000 for counties, which represents the remaining balance of Proposition 1B Local Streets and Roads funding.

For application and reporting purposes, these two appropriations will be treated separately.  For additional information on your city or county’s share of these two appropriations, or for information about the application process, please select one of the links provided below.