Section L

Banking and Finance

This section presents bank, savings and loan association, credit union, and finance company statistics. The bank statistics were supplied by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. The savings and loan statistics were obtained from the Office of Thrift Supervision. Credit Union Association statistics were provided by the California Department of Financial Institutions.  Data on Finance Companies were compiled by the California Department of Corporations.  Additional data may be obtained from these sources.

The 1992 Economic Census on California’s financial, insurance, and real estate industries is also shown.

The 2002 Economic Census is available and presented in Section Q of this report.  It is based on a new industrial classification system.  As a result, comparison between census years may not be possible..

Census reports are issued by the US Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census.

Each table is available in Microsoft EXCEL format.


Table L-1 — Insured Commercial Banks: Domestic Demand and Time Deposits, California

Table L-2 — Insured Commercial Banks: Domestic Loans by Major Categories, California

Table L-3 — Insured Commercial Banks: Selected Balance Sheet Items, California

Table L-4 — Savings and Loan Associations: Loans and Savings Capital, California

Table L-5 — Credit Unions, Federally Chartered: Selected Data, California

Table L-6 — Credit Unions, State Chartered: Selected Data, California

Table L-7 — Finance Companies: Selected Data, California

Table L-8 — Industrial Loan Companies: Selected Data, California

Table L-9 — Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate Industries, 1992 Economic Census (SIC-based), California

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