Section F


This section summarizes data relating to libraries, and to public and private education in California, both at the elementary and high school levels (kindergarten through grade 12) and at the collegiate levels (community colleges and universities or State colleges). The California State Department of Education has responsibility for accumulating and reporting data on public and private school activities for kindergarten through grade 12. The California Department of Finance and California Postsecondary Education Commission have responsibility for higher education statistics.

The source of library statistics is the California State Library.

Each table is available in Microsoft EXCEL format.


Table F-1 — Enrollments in Colleges and Universities, California

Table F-2 — Degrees Conferred in the Four Segments of Higher Education, California

Table F-3 — Grades K-12 in Public and Private Schools, California

Table F-4 — Grades K-12 in Public Schools, California

Table F-5 — Number of  Libraries, California

Table F-6 — Other Library Statistics, California

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