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Dynamic Revenue Analysis for California

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Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary and Preface (.doc, 29k)
  1. Introduction (.doc, 219k)
    1. I.1. A description of cge models
    2. I.2. Regional and national model differences
    3. I.3. Other considerations and model building
    4. I.4. How the model can be used
    5. I.5. Document outline
  2. Data Organization: Social Accounting Matrix (.doc, 124k)
    1. II.1. Criteria for industrial sectoring
    2. II.2. The industrial sectors
    3. II.3. The factor sectors
    4. II.4. The household sectors
    5. II.5. The investment sector
    6. II.6. The government sectors
    7. II.7. The rest of world sector
    8. II.8. References
  3. Household Demand for Goods and Services (.doc, 108k)
    1. III.1. Functional forms in demand
    2. III.2. Elasticities of substitution in consumption
    3. III.3. Household savings
    4. III.4. Household equations in dram
    5. III.5. References
  4. Producer Behavior (.doc, 92k)
    1. IV.1. Behavioral assumptions
    2. IV.2. The pure theory of profit maximizing
    3. IV.3. Functional forms
    4. IV.4. Estimates of elasticities of substitution
    5. IV.5. Conclusion: dram
    6. IV.6. References
  5. Trade (.doc, 137k)
    1. V.1. Introduction
    2. V.2. Pure theory
    3. V.3. Functional forms in trade
    4. V.4. Estimates from the literature
    5. V.5. Conclusion
    6. V.6. References
  6. Investment (.doc, 101k)
    1. VI.1. Investment theory and some national estimates
    2. VI.2. Regional investment models
    3. VI.3. Conclusion
    4. VI.4. References
  7. Labor Supply (.doc, 69k)
    1. VII.1. Labor supply, wages and taxation
    2. VII.2. Labor supply in dram
    3. VII.3. References
  8. Migration (.doc, 89k)
    1. VIII.1. Determinants of migration
    2. VIII.2. Consequences of migration
    3. VIII.3. The migration equation in dram
    4. VIII.4. References
  9. Model Closure (.doc, 18k)
  10. Detailed Model Description (.doc, 230k)
    1. X.1. Households
    2. X.2. Producers
    3. X.3. Trade
    4. X.4. Investment
    5. X.5. Labor supply
    6. X.6. Migration
    7. X.7. Taxation
    8. X.8. Government
    9. X.9. Model closure
  11. Sensitivity Analysis (.doc, 133k)
    1. XI.1. The base cases
    2. XI.2. The elasticity experiments
    3. XI.3. Experiments with key assumptions
    4. XI.4. Conclusions
  12. Appendices (.doc, 422k)
    1. XII.1. Literature search, summer 1995
    2. XII.2. Notation
    3. XII.3. Summary of set, parameter and variable names
    4. XII.4. Gams input files

Created: Monday, October 21, 1996