Trailer Bill Language

Trailer Bill Language is the implementing language of the California State Budget Bill. Listed below, is the Regular Session and Special Session Trailer Bill Language for this year's Governor's Budget.

2019-20 Budget TBL Tracking


New language and/or RN numbers will be highlighted in yellow on the tracking spreadsheet with the most recent updates.

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Budget Operations Support

Corrections and General Government


2019-20 Education Omnibus Trailer Bill

Cal Grant Maximum Tuition Award for Students Attending Private Nonprofit Institutions

Cal Grant Policy Proposals: Students with Dependent Children Awards and Competitive Awards

California College Promise

California State Law Library Account Sunset Extension

Child Savings Accounts

Cradle-to-Career Data Insights

CSU Retiree Census Data

Early Learning and Care Master Plan and Infrastructure and Workforce Development Grants

Memorial Scholarship Revenue Shift

Middle Class Scholarship

Non-Resident Tuition Exemption for Students Receiving Federal Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Program Benefits

Proposition 98 Certification and LCFF Cost-of-Living Amendments

Reflect Ten-Year Vesting Period for Health and Dental Benefits

Revise 2018-19 Apportionments

Revise 2018-19 FCMAT BBL

Student Centered Funding Formula

Teacher Service Credit Scholarship Program


Energy, Transportation, Housing, Local Government, and Labor


Caltrans Airspace

CEQA Streamlining

Commissioner Salaries

Community-Based Transitional Housing Program Audit Timeline

Eliminate the Local Transportation Loan Account and the Transportation Deferred Investment Fund

Eliminate Voter Approval Requirement for Enhanced Infrastructure Financing District Bond Issuances

Housing Planning and Production Grants

Housing Tax Credit Program

Independent Office of Audits and Investigations - Authority and Confidentiality

Janitorial Sexual Harassment Training Program

Local Housing Trust Fund

Office of Tax Appeals Authorization for One Administrative Law Judge

Office of the Safety Advocate

Organized Retail Theft Task Forces

Paid Family Leave

Planning and Progress Grants to Address Homelessness

Proposition 1-Serna Program Conformity

Repayment of All Outstanding General Fund Transportation Loans

Health and Human Services

AB 85 Health Realignment Redirection

Cal Fresh SSI Cash-Out Clean-Up

California Newcomer Education and Well-Being Project

CalWORKs 13.1-percent Grant Increase

CalWORKs Stage One Child Care 12-Month Eligibility

Canyon Springs Admissions Expansion

Continuum of Care Reform Contracts

Developmental Services Community Crisis Homes for Children

Early Start Co-Payments

Eliminate Fingerprint Licensing Fee Exemption

Emergency Caregiver Payments

Emergency Child Care Bridge Program: Provider Trustline Registry

Enhanced Behavioral Supports Homes Sunset Extension

Extension of Health Home Program Funding

Federal Deficit Reduction Act: Mandatory Fee

Full-Scope Expansion for Undocumented Adults up to Age 26

Healthy California for All Commission

HIV Care Program Financial Eligibility

Housing and Disability Advocacy Program (HDAP)

Improved Performance Incentives Suspension

Individual Mandate and Health Care Subsidies

Kinship Guardianship Assistance Payment Program Beginning Date of Aid

Licensing and Certification: AB 2798 Fund Source Revision

Medi-Cal Checkwrite Contingency Payments

Medi-Cal Drug Rebate Fund

Medi-Cal Managed Care Sanctions

Obsolete Reports

Patient Wages and Workers' Compensation

Proposition 56 Value-Based Payments Program

Rapid Response Reserve

Refugee Services: Wilson-Fish Change

Regional Center Accountability, Oversight, and Monitoring

Revised County IHSS Maintenance-of-Effort

Safety Net Reserve

SB 726 Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) Terminology Change from Expunge to Discharge and Delayed Automation Timeline

Specialized Caseload Ratio for Individuals with Complex Needs

Statewide Fingerprinting Imaging System (SFIS) Technical Clean-Up

Work Incentive Nutritional Supplement (WINS) Two-Parent Population as Non-Maintenance of Effort (MOE)

Employee Compensation, Retirement Systems, and Information Technology

Natural Resources and Capital Outlay

Capacity Leasing Agreements

Capital Outlay Project Funding
Environmental Justice - Safe and Affordable Drinking Water

Golden State Financial Marketplace Program (GS $Mart)

Health Care Facility Improvement Program

Heavy Duty Phase 2 Greenhouse Gas Implementation and Audit Program

Improved Infrastructure Management Revolving Fund

Office of the State Fire Marshal - Fire and Life Safety

State Capitol Annex Building Projects

State Emergency Telephone Number Account

Surface Mining and Reclamation Account: Technical Amendment
Technical Clean-Up - Oversight of Installation of Baby Diaper Changing Stations

Unclaimed Gas Tax

Use of GO Bond Proceeds