Transmittal Letter (TL) #45, Volume 2

September 3, 2013

This TL communicates updates to the CALSTARS Procedures Manual, and provides changed pages in the PDF file format.

Major Changes

  • Added note to FFY Maintenance and Generate functions IV-BS
  • Update Agency Descriptor Table Chapter IV-DA to include the Department Profile D07 Table and remove Wage Type-MyCalPAYS D58 Table.
  • Add new sub-Chapter IV-D07 and remove sub-Chapter IV-D59 Agency Wage Type-MyCalPAYS .
  • Remove narratives in sub-Chapter IV-DS for D58 Statewide Wage Type-MyCalPAYS
  • Rewrite the entire Chapter IV-OC to cover the immediate table update and the new online functions.
  • Remove the entire Chapter VII on MyCalPAYS
Chapter Changed Deleted Description of Changes
Add IV-D07 Department Profile. Remove VI-D59 Wage Type-MyCalPAYS and Chapters VII-1 thru VII-7 – MyCalPAYS Labor Distribution.
Remove the narratives about OC Table being updated at 10:00 and 3:00. All tables, including OC, are updated immediately.
Remove narratives regarding functions that are no longer applied to the new OC Table. Page shifted.
Update the narratives about the OC Table Fund Related Error Severity indicator.
7-18, 23
Added note to FFY Maintenance, Generate FFY and Generate Record. Pages shifted.
IV-DA 1-7   Updated chapter to include new Agency Descriptor Table D07 – Department Profile. Page shifted.
IV-D07 1-8   New Chapter IV-D07 Department Profile
IV-D32 1   Correct typo
IV-D59   1-14 Remove the entire IV-D59 MyCalPAYS Wage Type
IV-OC 1-40   Entire chapter is rewritten to describe the new OC screens and its new online functions.
IV-DS 1-2, 17 18 Remove the narratives on Statewide Descriptor D58-MyCalPAYS Wage Type. Page shifted.
VII-1 - 7     Remove the entire Chapter 7 on MyCalPAYS