Transmittal Letter (TL) #43, Volume 1

Calstars Procedures Manual

December 13, 2011

This TL communicates updates to the CALSTARS Procedures Manual, and provides changed pages in the PDF file format.

Major Changes

  • Chapter VII
    • Added CK MSG to Exhibit VII-2 to reflect addition of new Check Message ID Table.
    • Update screen examples to include new Check Message ID field.
    • Added purge information to SCO Claim Schedule Warrant Number section
  • Chapter VIII
    • Added CK MSG ID to Exhibit VIII-7 Posting Tag Coding Instructions.
    • Updated Batch Header Slip, Batch Control Log, CALSTARS Form 53, and CALSTARS Form 55 to reflect addition of new Check Message Table.
  • Chapter IX
    • Updated screen examples and report exhibits to reflect addition of new Check Message Table.
  • Chapter XI
    • Revised the Remittance Advice Messages – Functions section and the Remittance Advice Message Entry Screen – Functions section to have consistent formatting with other chapters.
  • Chapter XII
    • Added new Vendor Type X – Exempt Corporation.
  • Chapter XIV
    • Added Check Message section.
    • Updated Exhibit XIV-4 to reflect addition of new Check Message Table..
  • Chapter XVI-A
    • Updated Scheduled vs. Unscheduled Reimbursements Section.
  • Chapter XVIII
    • Changed the name of CFB100-2 from Input and Classification to Accounting Transactions and removed Error Correction Transactions and Warrant Maintenance Transactions from the report.

PDFs of Changed Page(s)

Minor Changes
Chapter Transaction Codes Description
VIII 15-17, 20-21 Minor formatting changes, pages renumbered.
IX 7-10 Minor formatting changes, pages renumbered.
XII 16-21 Pages renumbered.
XIV 1, 3, 8-33 Minor formatting changes, pages renumbered.
XVI-A 5-7, 9, 11, Minor formatting changes.
XVIII 1-3, 6, 13-17 Minor formatting changes.
XVIII 4 Updated Exhibit XVIII to reflect addition of the new Check Message table.
XVIII 7-12 Updated dates on report samples.


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