Calstars Procedures Manual

Transmittal Letter (TL) #40, Volume 2

October 13, 2010

This TL communicates updates to the CALSTARS Procedures Manual, and provides changed pages in the PDF file format.

Major Changes

  • Chapter V — Exhibit V-1 — Added new GLANs 2411–2414, 2423–2424, 2430, and 2491–2494 to conform with GASB 51 requirements on reporting Intangible Assets.
  • Chapter VII — Updating Online History Inquiry Screen. A Date Record Added range has been added to the options available for printing the warrant inquiry search results.
  • Chapter XI — Exhibit XI-11 — The FFY field length on the Automated SCO CD 102 Postings (TC 362) Report (CSB084-1) has been extended from 2 digits to 4 digits.

PDFs of Changed Page(s)

Minor Changes
Chapter Page Number(s) Description
V 10, 31, 36, 38–39 Minor formatting changes
V 19–39 Pages renumbered
VII 55–56 Updated screen and exhibit
VII 15, 38 Minor formatting changes
VII 31–32, 34–36, 37, 40–41 Update screen samples
VII 43, 56 Update report Exhibits VII-3 and VII-6
XI 4–6, 8–13, 24–27, 29–31, 35–39, 52–53 Minor formatting changes

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