Transmittal Letter (TL) #39, Volume 2

Calstars Procedures Manual

August 21, 2012

This TL communicates updates to the CALSTARS Procedures Manual, and provides changed pages in the PDF file format.

TL 39-2 contains the following changes:

  • Added new Chapters to reflect implementation of MyCalPays:
    • Chapter VII-1 Introduction
    • Chapter VII-2 Labor Distribution Control Table – MyCalPays – Provides guidelines on the use of the LC table with MyCalPays.
    • Chapter VII-3 Employee Master – MyCalPays – Introduces the MyCalPays EM table. The EM table specifies how labor charges for groups of employees and individual employees are distributed.
    • Chapter VII-4 Labor Distribution Timesheets – MyCalPays – Discusses the monthly timesheet process and the MyCalPays Timesheet (TS) Table maintenance instructions.
    • Chapter VII-5 Labor Distribution Adjustment Process – MyCalPays – Discusses the adjustment process as well as the Adjustment Timesheet (AJ) Table and the Adjustment Payroll (PT) Table for MyCalPays
    • Chapter VII-6 Labor Distribution – Processing, Reports and Reconciliation

PDFs of Changed Page(s)

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