Transmittal Letters

May 8, 2007


TL 31-2 updates the Labor Control, Employee Master, Timesheet, Adjusted Timesheet and Payroll Tables.  TL 31-2 is being issued in conjunction with TL 21-4.  Both TLs are being issued in advance of the program implementation to provide time for review of the CPM prior to the table changes.  The exact date will be announced on the CALSTARS news and through the CALSTARS e-mail distribution list.

List of Major Changes:

  • Chapter IV-OC - The section about the Current Year Schedule 10 Indicator in Exhibit IV-OC-1 has been rewritten.
  • Chapter V - The Ca/FS Edit Activity Error Report (CFB584-1) has been added, as well as a more detailed discussion about Cost Allocation /Fund Split.
  • Chapters VI-2 - VI-5 - on Labor tables have been completely rewritten.

Printing The Changed Pages:

The links below contain the changed pages in PDF format for viewing or printing. The corresponding front/back page for each changed page is also included for duplex printing.


IV-OC Organization Control Table

V Program Cost Accounting

VI-2 Labor Distribution Control Table - Actuals Costing

VI-3 Employee Master Table - Actuals Costing VI-4 Labor Distribution - Timesheets


VI-5 Labor Distribution Adjustment Process TOC