Transmittal Letters

April 29, 2005


The Descriptor Tables, the Index Code Table, and the Project Control Table will be converted to online tables early in May.  The exact date will be announced on the CALSTARS news.  This TL is issued primarily to introduce the new chapters for the agency tables.

Major Changes

  • A brief introductory chapter for Agency and Statewide Descriptor Tables
  • A chapter for  Statewide Descriptor Tables (only)
  • An introductory chapter for Agency Descriptor Tables
  • A separate chapter for each new online Agency Descriptor table
  • A new chapter for the Remittance Advice Message Descriptor Table (D54)
  • A new chapter for the FFY Maintenance Screen

All changes are listed in the List of Changes section below.

Printing The Changed Pages:

The links below contain the new chapters and the changed pages in PDF format for viewing or printing. The corresponding front/back page for each changed page is also included for duplex printing, if desired.


IV-Table Maint Coding Proc

IV-Intro to Descriptor Tables

IV-Agency Descriptor Tables (Intro)

IV-D02 IV-D12 IV-D15 IV-D19
IV-D23 IV-D26 IV-D32 IV-D34 IV-D35 IV-D40 IV-D42
IV-D43 IV-D47 IV-D53 IV-D54 IV-Statewide Descriptor Tables IV-FFY IV-IC
IV-PC VI-2 VI-3 VI-4 VI-5 VI-6 TOC