Transmittal Letters

Calstars Procedures Manual

Transmittal Letter (TL) #19, Volume 7

March 9, 2015

This TL updates all chapters in Volume VII.

Summary of Changes:

  • Dates in the report examples and Exhibits have been updated.
  • Minor formatting changes to all Chapters.
  • Chapter I
    • Updated New Fiscal Year Organization Control Table Maintenance to set Budget Sequence Indicator to N.
    • Updated Budget Sequence Table Maintenance.
  • Chapter II
    • Additional information A-1 Entry, Record Undeposited Receipts.
  • Chapter III
    • Additional information for Year-End Cost Allocation Options and Exhibits III-3 and III-4.
    • Updated Preliminary FM13 Reconciliations section for departments to request B04. N10 report no longer available.
    • Updated H14 Report, Exhibit III-11.
  • Chapter IV-A
    • Updated Instructions for Reporting Encumbrances for Forms 571 B, and A/B.
    • Additional information for Reporting Encumbrances for Form 571C.
    • Updated Instructions for Reporting Encumbrances Funded by Accrued Reimbursements for Forms 571 A and A/B.
    • Additional information Report No. 6, Final Budget Report.
    • Additional information Report No. 15, Final Checks section.
    • Updated Past Year Schedule 10s and Past Year Schedule 10Rs.
  • Chapter IV-B
    • Updated Automated Governmental Cost Funds Reports Participation Information.
    • Additional information on Review and Prepare Remaining Year-End Reports, Report No. 6, Final Budget Report.
    • Updated Exhibit IV-B-21, Required Automated Statements for Governmental Cost Funds.
  • Chapter V
    • Updated Report No. 13, Report of Expenditures of Federal Funds.
    • Updated Exhibits V-5, V-6, V-7, V-9, V-11, V-12 and V-14.
  • Chapter VI
    • Additional information Approval to Proceed with YEC.
    • Additional information Year-End Closing Checklist, Part II YEC.

PDFs of Revised Chapters:

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