Transmittal Letters

March 9, 2010


This TL updates all Chapters in Volume 7. 

Summary of Changes:

  • Dates in the report examples and Exhibits have been updated.
  • Added Exhibits:
    • Exhibit III-3, OC Table Settings - Cost Allocation Encumbrances Only.
    • Exhibit III-4, OC Table Settings - Cost Allocation Expenditures and Encumbrances.
    • Exhibit IV-1, List of Year-End Reports.
  • Revised Exhibits:
    • Exhibit I-2, added more detail.
    • Exhibit II-4, renumbered Exhibit and updated content to match other Exhibits.
    • Exhibit II-5, renumbered Exhibit and updated content to match other Exhibits.
    • Exhibit II-6, renumbered Exhibit and updated content.
    • Exhibit II-7, renumbered Exhibit and updated content.
    • Exhibit III-5, renumbered Exhibit.
    • Exhibit III-6, renumbered Exhibit.
    • Exhibit IV-2, renumbered Exhibit, added content and renumbered steps to reflect added content.
    • Exhibit IV-3, renumbered Exhibit and added content.
    • Exhibit IV-A-2, added Report 15 to Certification Letter. Deleted Non-Governmental Cost Fund Certification.
    • Exhibit IV-B-4, changed title to reflect change in section title.
    • Exhibit IV-B-23, updated content and added Final Year-End Package Retained By Agency section.
    • Exhibit VI-9, added content
    • Exhibit VI-10, added content
    • Exhibit VI-11, added content
  • Minor formatting changes to all Chapters.
  • Chapter I:
    • Pages renumbered: 39-44, 48-51.
  • Chapter II:
    • Revised Entry A-2: Adjust Revolving Fund Cash Account section.
    • Added Federal Trust Fund Encumbrances section.
    • Renamed Interfund Transfers section to Operating Transfers.
    • Combined Interfund Loans/Interfund Cash Transfers and General Obligation Bond Fund Accruals into new section titled Interfund Loans/General Obligation Funds and updated content.
    • Pages renumbered: 16-17, 18-21.
  • Chapter III:
    • Added Review Subsidiary section.
    • Pages renumbered: 5-17.
  • Chapter IV:
    • Pages renumbered: 2-6.
  • Chapter IV-A:
    • Remove outdated information from Past Year Schedule 10's and Past Year Schedule 10R's section.
    • Pages renumbered: 4-86.
  • Chapter IV-B:
    • Reworded paragraph in Other Considerations For Participation In The Automated Year-End Process section for clarity and understanding.
    • Renamed Identify And Post Automated Year-End Transaction Codes to Identify And Post Transaction Codes For Automated Year-End Reporting.
    • Reduced Resolve Edit Messages - Appropriation and Accruals Section into additional sub-sections: Acceptable Warning Messages, Unacceptable Warning Messages and Fatal Messages requiring 'Transmit Authorization' Override.
    • Renamed Prepare Remaining Year-End Reports to Review And Prepare Remaining Year-End Reports. Added content for further clarification.
    • Pages renumbered: 39-83.
  • Chapter V:
    • Added Revisions To Reports section.
    • Pages renumbered: 2-33.
  • Chapter VI:
    • Added General Review Prior to YEC/YEO table.
    • Automated Year-End Close Process - clarified and expanded information.
    • Pages renumbered: 2-5, 19-22, 30-49.
  • Chapter VII:
    • Pages renumbered: 2-6.

Printing The Changed Pages:

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