Creating An Upload Transaction File Using Monarch

Some agencies use sub-systems, database applications, spreadsheet applications, etc., to create transactions for input into CALSTARS. Traditionally, these transactions are grouped in batches and printed for manual entry to CALSTARS. This is labor intensive and increases the chance for error. As an alternative, some agencies have developed personal computer (PC) applications to accumulate those transactions into input files that are uploaded directly to CALSTARS. These input files, referred to as "External Batches" or "Upload Files", include the batch header and transactions.

Upload Files must have the same format and structure as batches entered online through the New Batch Header and Transaction Entry Screen (C.1). The Batch Header Record Layout and the Transaction Record Layout provide the documentation of requirements for all batches and transactions. The online system converts the data entered on the screens to the correct format and structure. When Upload Files are prepared, the agency must perform this conversion prior to submitting the batches. There are various ways to create Upload Files. One of these ways is to use Monarch to create the Upload File. Procedures are available documenting this process.

To receive copies of these procedures and obtain further information on developing an Upload File, send an e-mail to at

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