Monarch Tips and System Specifications

Following are some tips and system specifications to remember when working with Monarch software.

System Requirements

  • MS Windows OS (XP with SP2, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 2008, 2012) with .NET 4,
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 2GB free disk space for installation
  • NET Framework 4.x
  • File Types Used by Monarch as Data Sources
  • Monarch reads any of the following file types:

ASCII and ANSI character reports (also known as print, spool, TXT, PRN and PDF files)
(format used for CALSTARS Reports)

  • HTML files
  • Paradox DB
  • Access MDB
  • Excel XLS
  • Lotus WKx
  • Delimited text files
  • OBDC Data source (SQL Server, Oracle, DB2)

File Types Exported by Monarch

File Format Versions Extensions
MS-Access 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 MDB
dBase III, IV, 5.0 DBF
Paradox 3.x, 4.x, 5.x, 7.x DB (for Monarch Versions 7-10.5)
MS-Excel 2.1, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 8.0

XLS.(not supported in new versions of Monarch)

XLSX (Excel 2007)

Lotus 3.0 WKS, WK1, WK3, WK4 (for Monarch Versions 7-10.5)
test N/A TXT
Delimited Text N/A Any
Fixed Length Text N/A TXT
XML N/A XML (for Monarch Version 11 only)

Record limits

When exporting to other applications (i.e. Excel, Lotus, or Quattro Pro), keep in mind that each program has a limit to the number of records (rows) it can handle. These are NOT Monarch limits. They are limits of the spreadsheet/database programs. These limits are as follows:


Record/Row Limits

Lotus (wks, wk1, wk3)

8,192 records (for Monarch Versions 7-10.5)

MS Excel 2.1- 5.0 

16,384 records

MS Excel 8.0 (xls)

64,536 records

MS Excel 2007 (XLSX)

1,000,000 records

dBASE III, IV, 5.0 (dbf)

255 fields
4,000 3,850 characters/record
9,999,999 records

Paradox 3.X-7.X

255 fields (for Monarch Versions 7-10.5)
4,000 characters/record
9,999,999 records

Access 1.0-4.0

255 fields
2,000 characters/record
9,999,999 records

ANSI and ASCII Text files

9,999,999 records

ANSI and ASCII Delimited text

9,999,999 records


65536 default cell limit



Downloading files from CALSTARS to Monarch

Monarch reads any ASCII or ANSI text file report. These files are commonly known as print files or spool files, but are also referred to as text files (TXT), formatted text files, PRN files and PDF files. This is the standard format used by CALSTARS. Any standard or requestable reports can be downloaded from CALSTARS for use in Monarch.
In CALSTARS, Monarch users access report files across a network via terminal emulation software. If you are not familiar with this process, ask your PC manager or IT manager for help. If your PC is not connected to a host computer, the IT staff can generally supply report files on the network or on portable media such as a thumb drive or CD.
If you are able to access your reports across the network or via the terminal you may order CALSTARS reports for Monarch use as follows:

  • “F1” (report file) and “N1” (print “now”) Report Requests: These reports can be requested through CALSTARS Report Request menu screen (G.3) and are an “Immediate” request of a Standard Report.
    • When using these functions, be aware of the following:
      When using the “N1” function after printing checks or claim schedules, you may need to “wake up” the printer to get it to start printing again.
    • Occasionally, reports requested using the F1 or N1 functions will take a while to process, sometimes more than an hour.
  • “D1” Report files: These report files are generated during the nightly CALSTARS process after the table and financial transaction input processes. “D1” report files can be requested for all standard reports through CALSTARS Report Request menu screen (G.3). System Generated Reports (e.g. CFB710-1), and External Reports (e.g. SCO Tab Run) can also be requested as “D1” reports. Tables (e.g. PCA Table) can be ordered as dataset reports using the Print function on the table screen.
  • “E1” Archived Report files: These files are similar to reports currently ordered with D1 or F1 output destination. However, E1 files are only produced in zip-compressed format. E1 report files may be downloaded onto a PC or a LAN using FTP file transfer software. Once the report has been downloaded, a file must first be unzipped before it may be viewed. (See CALSTARS Procedures Manual Vol 6, Ch II for instructions.)
    CALSTARS Files that have Migrated to Tape

How to use Monarch

The Learning Guide that is provided with Monarch is an excellent and quick way to learn how to use Monarch. It is a complete and comprehensive tutorial for learning to use Monarch and used to develop the training classes offered by CALSTARS.(See training COM).

Page Breaks

When printing CALSTARS Standard Reports from Monarch, the pages will not break correctly. Check the default settings under Option, Input, and Force Page Break to determine the default. To redefine the page size in Monarch, use the Page Header Template.
Monarch reports will print best using Courier Font with size of 9 points.
These are just a few of the tips and system specifications you may find useful when using the Monarch desktop software. If you have any additional questions or need assistance with Monarch, you may contact Lorraine Hernandez @ (916) 445-0211, Ext. 2839.

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