Training Aids

The CALSTARS Training Aids and Material are produced in both Word and PDF formats. In addition to their use during the scheduled on-site training classes some of them are being presented here for your viewing and/or printing convenience.  
This page has been created at the suggestion of our client agencies to provide general access to various training aids and procedures to assist in the timely and accurate operation of CALSTARS. Additional items will be included as suggested by client agency staff.

  • Transaction Codes (How to select)  Formats: WORD | PDF
  • Printing Claim Schedules & Remittance Advices  Formats: WORD | PDF
  • Inter-Relationship of Reports   Formats: WORD | PDF
  • CALSTARS Files to Reports  Formats: WORD | PDF

The following are general training reference material regarding the state's accounting and/or budgeting process.

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