Program Budget Management Staff and Units

Irena Asmundson

Chief Economist/Program Budget Manager

Revenue Forecasting, Economic Projections, Demographic Data

(916) 322-2263

Portrait of Program Budget Manager, Special Counsel

Jeff Bell

Program Budget Manager


(916) 445-0328
Portrait of Program Budget Manager, Special Counsel

Jennifer Whitaker

Program Budget Manager

Employee Compensation and State Pension, Audits and Evaluations, Departmental Administration and Information Services, Information Technology and Consulting

(916) 322-2985

Portrait of Veronica Chung-Ng

Thomas Todd

Program Budget Manager

Budget Planning & Preparation, Cash Management, Statewide Issues, CALSTARS, FSCU, and FI$CAL Project Support

(916) 445-5332
Portrait of Karen Finn

Matt Almy

Program Budget Manager

Natural Resources, Environment, and Capital Outlay

(916) 324-0043
Portrait of Erika Li

Erika Li

Program Budget Manager

Transportation, Housing, Energy, Local Government, and Labor

(916) 445-3274
Portrait of Chris Ryan

Amy Jarvis

Program Budget Manager

Corrections and Rehabilitation, Justice, General Government

(916) 445-8913
Portrait of Adam Dorsey, Program<br />Budget Manager

Adam Dorsey
Program Budget Manager

Health and Human Services

(916) 445-6423

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Governor Gavin Newsom
Finance Director Keely Bosler