Student Internship Positions

The Department of Finance (Finance) offers a paid 12-16 week summer internship opportunity for graduate level students. Participating interns work under the direct supervision of an experienced fiscal and policy analyst and gain on-the-job training that integrates education, career development and public service, while the Finance benefits from the contributions of creative and innovative students.

During the summer, interns will independently gather, evaluate and analyze information on an assigned project. Interns perform quantitative analysis on a policy issue and apply the policy analytical techniques learned in their graduate programs to a practical issue facing the State of California. Interns will observe professional staff in action, attend staff meetings, lectures, or other unit activities, attend hearings and other proceedings as appropriate and learn and perform bill analysis. At the completion of the assignment, interns will complete a deliverable such as a formal presentation, issue paper, or an internal memo describing the analysis including findings and recommendations. Such final analysis and products may be incorporated into a larger product that Finance may publish.

All interns should explore the possibility of using their internship experience to earn academic credit through their schools. Additionally, upon completion of the internship, interns are not guaranteed a job; however, Finance encourages interns to apply for permanent positions with Finance near or upon graduation.